Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me - Activity Time | Access Recreation Monday & Thursday 9am-3pm

Free To Be Me - Activity Location | Access Recreation160 Berserker St, Rockhampton

Free To Be Me (F2BM) group enables adults to express and apply their creative skills and imagination in a social setting by getting involved in activities both individually and in a group.

We believe that life long learning occurs through exploration, experience and interaction with others and F2BM provides this opportunity.

The focus of F2BM is on social inclusion, life skills, cooking, creativity and generally having fun together whilst making friends.

With small group numbers, the F2BM program offers a supportive, safe and caring environment that promotes fun, confidence building and a sense of belonging and trust in everyone’s personal capabilities to try new things.

While F2BM is based at 160 Berserker St, participation in community activities and visits to local facilities and events are all part of becoming more independent in the community.

Free To Be Me | Access Recreation

Free To Be Me | Access Recreation

Free To Be Me | Access Recreation

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