Behind The Lens

Behind The Lens - Activity Time | Access Recreation Thursday 9am-12pm

Behind The Lens - Activity Location | Access Recreation259 Denison St, Rockhampton

Behind The Lens is a group for participants to learn skills in photography, videography, editing, marketing and social media.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore their creative side and build skills such as technical photography and videography, patience and concentration, attention to detail, teamwork, marketing and social media techniques.

Participants will use filming and editing equipment to develop short videos for use on social media. In preproduction, participants will use storyboarding and script writing to develop ideas for short videos. They will then film using professional equipment and edit the footage to produce a finished product.

Marketing, social media concepts and techniques will also be explored and developed through Behind The Lens.

Behind The Lens | Access Recreation

Behind The Lens | Access Recreation

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