Our History

The concept of Access Recreation dates back to 1988 when two employees of the then Intellectual Handicap Service identified the Commonwealth Disability Service Act 1986 as an avenue to address the social void in the lives of people with a disability.

After much discussion with other organisations and many hours of research, a submission was lodged to the Disability Services Branch of the Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health in the spring of 1988. The submission was to establish a recreation service for adults with a disability in the Central Queensland region. Formal acceptance of the submission was received in December 1988 and the service commenced operation in April 1989 under the guidance of a steering committee of several referral agencies.

Access Recreation has grown substantially and is now an independent, non-profit organisation which provides services to people of Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Bundaberg and the surrounding areas. A voluntary Board of Management is responsible for the stewardship of the organisation. Access Recreation is one of the very few organisations in the region that boasts local origins. The motivation and values that supported the initial concept remain steadfast in all that we do – Every person, irrespective of their disability who wishes to, can access and participate in all aspects of community life in the same way as every other person.

“Presence without participation can be more isolating than no presence at all”

Quass & Fraser “Beyond the Ramp” report 1994 p 44.

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